The HDMI standard has been developed for the efficient transmission of digital HD video and digital multi-channel audio over a single cable. The HDMI cable was developed in 2000 in Silicon Image’s laboratory and quickly became one of the most widely used multimedia interfaces in households and the industrial sector. WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE HDMI CABLE? Thanks to […]

EPSON L1800 Kenya

EPSON L1800 Kenya

EPSON L1800 Kenya A picture speaks a thousand words. Printers are basically known for printing more of words, and less of pictures. If there was a printer that could print a thousand words, in the form of image it is Epson L1800. Printers are known to have black ink cartridges or toners, for laser printers. […]

Two-Way Window Intercom System for Counter 

Anti-interference and noise-free function Two-way voice intercom communications technology, automatic identification of processing speech signals during a call does not require any action Dedicated anti-side tone processing chip, with auto-mute function Application of fully automated call control, outside the machine’s microphone and speakers to use the integration of design and front-line system of the host […]