Cisco Network Switches

Cisco Network Switches

In today’s digital environment, it is very important to have an exceptional network experience for your users, customers, and employees. Cisco Network Switches in Kenya brings intelligent, faster deployment, simplified administration, and cloud-managed IT solutions that make life easier.

Cisco Security Solutions presents a superior email, web and firewall services while enabling teleworking and mobility. The products include Web security, security management, network segmentation and visibility, firewalls among others.

In essence, Cisco switches provides optimum feasibility, security, availability and performance. Cisco switches in KENYA have diverse functionalities. So, why buy Cisco Switches from A2Z Africa Cisco Switch Shop in Kenya

  • Cisco switches are easy to manage and operate
  • The diverse Cisco products and services in the networking collaboration, connection and business protection; Cisco switches are always tested for compatibility
  • Cisco switches improves customer experience and productivity as well
  • Cisco switches have inbuilt security features that helps in counterattacking flaws, attaches and unsolicited intrusions and users
  • Cisco Network Switches in Kenya have a longer life span than any other switch

Cisco network switches are rigorously tested to be compatible with all Cisco products, and beyond. Cisco routers offer high internet speeds and impressive security features. Their wireless access points add incredible range to WiFi signals. This means they have loads of compatible products to help build your network.

Cisco switches come with Power over Ethernet and efficient energy management. Customers can power IP phones and wireless access points with their switches to simplify cabling.

With many workplaces striving to be more green, the Cisco Network Switch range is moving to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient, without reducing the quality of their products.

Cisco Networking Products

Cisco GLC-SX-MM Compatible SFP Module 1000BASE-SX – 1GbE

 Cisco SG350-52P 52-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch

Cisco catalyst WS-C2960X-24PS-L 24 gigabit poe switch

SG300-10SFP-K9-NA 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switch