Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper is a fine paper coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. High quality thermal paper roll smooth on both sides, smooth surface, high brightness, high tightness and suitable for POS printers and other receipt devices such as ETR machines and data loggers. Thermal paper is different from regular bond paper in that it’s coated with a mixture of dye and chemicals. When heated above melting point, the dye reacts to the chemicals causing a shift to a colored form (typically black but occasionally blue or red). The print head in the machine is able to heat the correct areas of the paper, making it legible.

POS and Credit Card Receipts

Thermal printers don’t use ink cartridges or ribbons, which most retail business owners find advantageous because they can cut down their expenses. This is one of the reasons why most retail stores use thermal paper for printing their POS receipts. Even credit card machines and portable POS systems also use thermal paper, nowadays. Quality thermal paper is long-lasting, and prints on it can also last for a very long time. However, it’s imperative that you store them properly, especially if you’ll be needing them for audits later on. It is still paper, after all. 

ATM Receipts

Most ATM receipts are now printed on thermal paper, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. So, every time you get an ATM receipt, it will most likely be from a roll thermal paper. This is most probably because of the fact that the thermal printing process is fast, reliable, and makes no sound. Just like with POS and credit card receipts, you may want to store your ATM receipts properly if you think you’ll be needing them in the future.

Hospital Records

ECG machines, Ultrasound machines, and other hospital equipment need to be able to produce clear and accurate prints for obvious reasons. Any discrepancy on the medical record can seriously compromise someone’s health. Likewise, a smudged print can also cause various problems for the one interpreting the record.


Thermal printing is ideal for businesses that require clear, accurate, efficient, and high volume prints, such as lottery and parking ticketing systems. It’s also good for printing amusement center tags or tickets, cinema tickets, play tickets, and so much more mainly because of the images printed are more readable, clearer, and easier to scan. Moreover, what most people don’t realize is that water and electrical reader machines also use thermal paper.

When you compare thermal paper with other paper used for POS systems side-by-side, you’ll see that thermal paper is the clear winner. Also, thermal printers are much quieter, faster, and requires very little maintenance. However, to achieve a quality print, you need quality thermal paper.

  1. Thermal rolls 79 x 60 x 13
  2. Thermal rolls 79 x 80 x 13 (soft)
  3. Thermal rolls 79 x 80 x 13 (hard)
  4. 57mm x 40mm x 13m Thermal Paper Rolls
  5. 80mm x 80mm x 12 Thermal Paper Roll