Electric Fencing

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Electric Fencing

Electric fences are your first line of defense as a visual deterrent to crime. Should anyone decide to call your bluff, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specification.
When integrated with our intruder alarm solutions, not only does your electric fence become your first line of defence, it also becomes your first point of detection of any intruders. Sensors help ensure that the electric fence is tamper-proof by transmitting a signal to our control room as soon as any perpetrator attempts to compromise the fence.
Being transparent, yet aesthetically pleasing, they also eliminate any cover for thugs.
We can install any of these electric fencing solutions:
Piggy-back: This is mounted on an already-existing fence.
Wall-top: This is mounted on top of a perimeter wall.
Stand-alone: This is a fully electrified fence acting as the only perimeter security.
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Home Electric Fences
In Kenya, Electric Fence is the first line of defence against any intrusion to you home. At Electric Fences Kenya, we have specialized team whose main job is to ensure that you home remain secure all day every day.

Game Electric Fences

In Kenya, a game or wildlife electric fence is installed mostly to prevent human-wildlife conflicts. At Electric Fences Kenya, we design game fences that either keep wild animals out of your farm, hotel or lodge or keep them inside the park or conservancy area.

Razor Wire Fences

Concertina Razor Wire Fences and Flat Trap Razor Wire Fences are the most affordable and maintenance free type of fence in Kenya. At Electric Fences Kenya,we supply and install razor wire fences in diameters of 450mm or 730mm or 980mm.

Gate Automation

In Kenya, the area with most risk when you are driving home is at your gate, at Electric Fences Kenya we have a solution to automate opening and closing of your gate to reduce chances of any intruder attacking you while you are waiting for your gate to be opened.


KSh 23,000.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Stafix AM1 Alarm Monitor

KSh 20,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 48,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 43,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 27,000.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Stafix X18 Energizer

KSh 145,000.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Stafix X12 Energizer

KSh 125,000.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

STAFIX X6 Energizer

KSh 83,000.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Stafix X2 Energizer

KSh 40,000.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Top Wall Electric Fence

KSh 1,500.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Under Gate Cable

KSh 2,300.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 110.00 Exc. Tax

Electric Fencing

Warning Sign

KSh 290.00 Exc. Tax