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Siemon Networking Kenya

Siemon is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance IT infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centers, Intelligent Buildings and Enterprise LANs. Our Products Ranges from Siemon Patchcord, Siemon patch panel, siemon cable manager/organizer, Siemon Fibre Tray, siemon fibre adapater, siemon patch panel

Siemon Cat 6/6A UTP/FTP shielded cable

Siemon’s  Category 6/6A FUTP/UTP System features the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters, the fastest, easiest and most reliable termination process

Siemon Cat 6/6A UTP/FTP modules connectors

Siemon Cat6/6A Modules optimizes each step of the termination process to eliminate errors that lead to delays and rework, setting a new benchmark for both UTP and shielded category 6A termination speed and consistency.

Siemon Cat 6/6A UTP/FTP patch cords

Siemons Cat 6/6A FTP/UTP patch cord offers an innovative approach to connecting IP-enabled IoT and smart building devices. Developed specifically to deliver custom-length cables that can be terminated on site for quick direct connections

Siemon Cat 6/6A  24/48 port patch panel

Siemon Cat 6/6A  24/48 port patch panel offers user friendly termination, labeling, and robust cable management features with Siemon’s popular HD 6 patch panel.

Siemon power distribution unit (PDU)

Siemon’s PowerMax line of PDUs range from basic and metered for simple and cost-effective power distribution, to a full line of intelligent PDUs that deliver real time power information with varying degrees

Siemon Data cabinet and Rack mount

Siemon data cabinet saves valuable floor space while providing a cost-effective means to secure and protect network equipment from dust, tampering and other hazards. Designed with excellent cable management

  1. Data Center Cabling Solution
  2. Catagory 7/7a TERA
  3. Category 6A Z-MAX Shielded
  4. Category 6A Z-MAX UTP
  5. Category 5e UTP
  6. Fiber Optic – XGLO 10 Gb/s
  7. Fiber Optic – LightSystem 1 Gb/s
  8. Data Cabinet
  9. MapIT G2 Network Security
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