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We are the leading Easenet dealer in Kenya Nairobi. We have Easenet Cat 6 E Ethernet Cable, Cat 5E ethernet Cable, Easenet Patch chords, Easenet, Patch Panels, Easenet Fiber out door and indoor cable, Easenet Cabinets, Easenet Media convertors, Easenet telephone cables, Easenet Underground cables and many more. Call us today and get tailored products and solution that meets your needs


KSh 500.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 400.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 500.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 11,500.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 600.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 16,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 11,999.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 5,999.00 Exc. Tax

Category 6 cable-Cat 6

EaseNet CAT 6 48 Port Patch Panels

KSh 8,000.00 Exc. Tax

Category 6 cable-Cat 6

EaseNet CAT 6 24 Port Patch Panels

KSh 6,500.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 10.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 200.00KSh 1,200.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 1,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh 2,000.00 Exc. Tax