Network and Computer Accessories

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Network and Computer Accessories
We offer the widest range of Computer and Network Accessories for Home and Business use. We stock high quality accessories from top brands such as Microsoft, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. We have computer accessories for different functions such as information input, cables, storage devices, power solutions, audio devices and web cams among others in our Online Shop. Visit us for any computer accessories that you may need and we have a solution for you.

Our Online shopping in Kenya With Fast Delivery within Kenya guarantee that you will get the device you want at your convenience while at the same time getting it at competitive prices. Our computer accessories provide the highest reliability and competitiveness for customers because they are also provided at lower prices. Storage devices We have different data storage accessories such as hard disk drives for expanding the memory of your desk top or laptop.

We have External Hard Drives,Flash Disk Drive,Internal Hardisk HDD,Memory Cards,solid-state drive SSD SATA hard disk drives, which are effective for data storage and retrieval and at the same time cost effective. These are ideal for expansion of storage space in desk tops. We also have solid state drives from manufacturers such as Transcend, WD Blue, Toshiba and SanDisk. These drives come in different configurations and can be used for internal storage as well as external storage.

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Computer Keyboards

Logitech MX Keys Space Grey

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