Thermal printers

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Thermal printers

The thermal inkjet printers were manufactured first in eighties and have gone on to become one of the most successful printers in this category. The thermal inkjet printers make use of the tiny drops of ink that are poured on the paper on demand. The best thermal printers streamline the process for a variety of business activities.
The Epson thermal printers make use of the thermal inkjet technology.
The usage of thermal inkjets is not just restricted to offices but they are also good for use at homes. These printers run an electrical current through small resistors and produce heat that vaporizes a smaller amount of ink that results in making a bubble. As the ink bubble pops, it sucks ink from the ink cartridge onto paper. A usual thermal inkjet printer produces three hundred to six hundred bubbles at a time. These printers are easy to maintain and are also easy on the pocket.
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Thermal Rolls Size 57mm x 47mm x 13

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