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HP Desktops

Home and Personal Use

Looking to buy a desktop for home and personal use? HP has a wide range of tower and all-in-one desktop to suit your daily needs, be it for projects and studies or media and gaming.

HP desktops come with stylish, eye-catching design and great performance power to keep you connected and entertained with friends and family.

For Family: Entertainment and staying connected, browsing internet, watching videos and movies, listening to music, playing games
For Student: Doing homework, school projects, college assignments
For Home Office: Entrepreneur, online business, working from home

Office and Business Use
Looking to buy a desktop for office or business use? HP has a wide range of tower and all-in-one PCs for your working needs, such as business applications, multimedia production, project collaboration and conference calls.

HP desktops are innovatively designed and pack impressive power at pocket-friendly price, with security features to protect your private information from hacker threats.

For Workplace: Applications for business, easy collaboration and conferencing, high security features
For Education: School and university, computer lab, tuition class, teachers and lecturers, administration office
For Creators: Graphic designer, web designer, 3D artist, game creator, CGI artist, VR/AR creator

HP Premium
HP Premium desktop combines elegant design with sophisticated technology. Be it an All-in-One, or a tower, it’s definitely a machine you want to show off.

Luxurious and high-end, they are engineered with powerful processor for seamless performance, cutting-edge graphics for flawless display, and unrivalled security management for all-around protection for your system.


HP Gaming
HP Gaming desktop brings you hardcore performance in the latest high-definition games. Bring your games to life and experience high quality action with impeccable power and immersive graphics.

With eye-catching, edgy design made for easy upgradability, optional liquid cooling solution and flexible VR set capability, push your performance beyond limit and conquer the battle.


HP Desktop For Home

HP Pavilion
HP Pavilion desktop is one of our best-selling PCs and it comes with an extensive range.

HP Pavilion desktop

Offers ample storage space, advanced graphics, multi-display support, and improved upgradability, fitted in a tough design for a reliable machine.
HP Pavilion All-in-One desktop

Perfect for those who have limited space and prefer a compact build.
It’s attractive, packs in impressive performance and can be easily set up with just a single plug.
HP Pavilion Wave

A compact tower with a built-in speaker and microphone turns your desktop into an entertainment machine.


OMEN by HP desktop are made for the hardcore gamers. Powered with the best processor and graphics for top-tier performance and seamless gaming experience at all time.

OMEN by HP Gaming desktop

Cutting-edge design, made for easy upgradability, while the optional liquid cooling system lets you overclock without fear, so you can push your performance to the very edge and conquer the battle.

HP OMEN X Compact desktop

Lets you be flexible while you immerse yourself in your game.
Sit in comfort at home and choose to use it as the traditional desktop or plugged to your big screen TV, or you can get adventurous with the VR set and move around and take your battle in style.

HP Desktop For Business

HP Elite
HP Elite desktops offers powerful performance with tight security features, making sure your confidential work and sensitive information are protected from hackers and BIOS attacks.

The HP EliteDesk tower

Comes with multiple bays and full-height slots, additional connectors and plenty of configurable ports.

HP EliteOne All-in-One desktop

Comes in thin and sleek design with superb cable management, sophisticated power and premium security features.
It’s our first AiO with an upgradeable PC base and display for flexible re-deployment.

HP Pro

HP Pro desktops are very professional and suitable for every workplace.

HP ProDesk tower

Delivers powerful performance, security, manageability, and value for your growing businesses.

HP ProOne All-in-One desktop

Comes with the same features but in a stylish, fuss-free design that is suitable for a front desk or space-constrained work environments.

Desktop Form Factor

If space is not an issue, HP desktop offers plenty of room for expansion and upgradability according to your needs and budget. The standard setup consists of the tower (CPU), monitor, keyboard and mice, with add-on accessories, such as speakers and webcams.

Whether it’s for home or office use, HP desktop is sufficient for basic and straightforward daily tasks, as it is also considered budget-friendly.

Most HP desktops are equipped with Intel processors and come with the minimum of 500GB of storage. You can easily upgrade storage space by adding new internal hard drive into the tower or plugging in an external hard drive via the USB port.
For more advanced functions such as for gaming or multimedia, tower components can be easily customized from time to time, making it very practical for those who constantly want the best in speed and performance in their entertainment and work.

All-in-One HP

If you want a HP desktop with sophisticated design, the all-in-one features the computer components packed in the back of the monitor and can be easily set up with just one plug.

HP All-in-one desktop is generally slim, making it perfect for a small work space and much more convenient to move around anywhere. You will need to add USB keyboard and mice to the system, which are usually included together when you purchase the HP All-in-One desktop.

Most HP All-in-One desktops are equipped with Intel processors and at least 1TB of storage. They also come in various sizes of display, which ranges between 20in up to 34in. Some HP All-in-One desktops come with touchscreen functionality.
All-in-One desktop can’t be easily upgraded like the standard tower desktop, but there are plenty of choices in terms of performance so you can always find a machine that suits your long-term needs.
High-performance internal speakers are built in the system, but there is also a microphone/headphone jack if you choose to use your audio speaker or headset.

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