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Eaton Backup Power Surge UPS and IT power distribution

To help you maintain the continuous of your business and prevent downtime. Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of backup distribution and power equipment, protecting you from a host of threats which includes surges and outage and lighting strikes. Eaton UPS provides a suite of power management products to enable you monitor and control your infrastructure

Eaton is the leading of quality backup power UPS, EATON UPS are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centres. To help you find

To help you find the right solution, we organize our backup power offering into three categories: Workstation & Home UPS, Network & Server UPS, and Data Center & Facility UPS.

Eaton UPSs

Industry-leading UPS products to help protect critical IT equipment by providing uninterruptible and clean power.

Network, Server & Storage UPS

Networks, servers and storage systems are the central nerve center for business today and it is critical that they are protected by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Eaton offers Network UPS, Server UPS and Storage UPS solutions that protect your vital IT equipment and data.