Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series Features in Kenya

The cisco IP phone 7800 series in Kenya is a high-fidelity voice communication portfolio that is designed for people centric collaborations. It combines security and reliability, full featured easy to use IP telephony and wideband audio to increase productivity with earth friendly features at reduced cost. This series offers the customer with very lower power consumption. It is combined with support for Cisco EnergyWise which delivers massive economies of scale in customer as well as reducing the operating expenditures with energy savings. Other major distinction includes electronic Hook-switch capability for call control while using third party headsets, field replaceable bezel options and encrypted communications.

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Limitations and Restrictions

VLAN and IPv6 Limitation

If the PC attached to the PC port of the IP phone is using IPv6, we recommend that the PC Voice LAN access be disabled which ensures that the PC can connect to the Voice VLAN.

Phone Behavior During Times of Network Congestion

Anything that degrades the network performance can affect the Cisco IP phone Video and Voice quality and in some instances, cam cause a call to drop. Source of network degradation can include:

  • Attack in the network such as Denial of services
  • Administrative tasks such as internal port security scan

Cisco IP Phone 7861 vs. Cisco IP Phone 7841 vs. Cisco IP Phone 7821

Cisco IP phone 7800 series is a high fidelity, cost effective voice communication portfolio, at the same time reducing your cost of operations. It delivers advanced telephony features and crystal clear wideband audio performance to deliver a full-featured, easy to use voice communication experiences.

The 7800 series introduces three models; Cisco 7821 (supports 2 lines), Cisco 7841 (supports 4 lines) and IP phone 7861 (supports 16 lines)

The line keys on each model is programmable full and thus keys can be set up to support either lines such as call features like speed dialing or directory numbers. Productivity can be boosted by handling multiple calls for each directory number, using multi-call per line appearance feature. Tir-color LED makes the phone easy and simpler to use. Full-duplex speakerphone lets you set up a clear multi-party conferences for productive and flexible collaborations.

Cisco IP Phone 7861

Affordable, High-Quality Phones for Active Users

Cisco 7821 IP Phone 2 Lines 2 Ethernets Port PoE

The Cisco IP Phone 7861 supports wideband audio and delivers voice communications that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Highly secure

Cisco 7862 present a single button access to key members or support call centers

Features and Capabilities

With 16 lines, the Cisco IP Phone 7861 is ideal for administrative staff, managers, and agents in contact centers.

High-Quality User Experience

To enhance the user experience, this phone has four context-sensitive soft keys and a white-backlit display that:

  • Is 396 x 162 pixels
  • Has high resolution grayscale and graphics
  • Measures 3.5 inches
  • Electronic hookswitch control for managing personal calls when using third party headsets
  • Full wideband audio performance across the headset, handset and speaker phones for superior quality.

Easy Administration

The 7861 phone is easy to deploy and manage, with features such as: Power over the Ethernet, great flexibility and choice, integrate 10/100 switch to support traffic, wall mountable and customizable paper label insert that can be printed locally.

Cisco IP Phone 7841

High-Quality Voice Communications Made Simple

Cisco IP Phone 7841

Cisco 7841 IP phone is easy to use and full featured. Business calls are productive and more efficient which fosters collaboration. The Cisco 7821 also supports wideband audio for superior voice quality with advanced IP communication features. Customers currently using digital and analog phones but wants to migrate to IP, Cisco 7841 is the ideal choice, existing Cisco customer who wants to update or expand their investment in Cisco Unified Communications. POE reduces your energy costs and carbon footprint, wall mount option for common areas such as cafeterias, can be integrated 10/100/1000 switch that supports traffic which ultimately reduces the cable infrastructure costs.

Cisco IP Phone 7821

Increase Productivity with Clear Communications

Cisco IP Phone 7821

Deploy a highly secure and reliable voice communications with Cisco IP phone 7821. This phone is easy to use and ultimately easy on your budget. This endpoint supports wideband audio for superior voice communication quality.The Cisco IP Phone 7821 is a two-line endpoint that is designed for information workers and managers. This phone is ideal for:

  • Customers who currently use traditional analog or digital phones but want to move to IP telephony
  • Organizations that want to expand their voice communications investment by using Cisco Unified Communications

Superior User Experience

Cisco IP Phone 7821, 7841, and 7861 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.0 (SIP)

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