Suprema BioMini Slim 3 ultra-slim FAP30 fingerprint scanner in Kenya

Suprema BioMini Slim 3 ultra-slim FAP30 fingerprint scanner in Kenya

The Suprema ID BioMini Slim 3 is FAP30 certified fingerprint scanner featuring an array of cutting-edge technologies. Along with its 15mm slim optical sensor, BioMini Slim 3 features Suprema’s proprietary MDR (Multi-Dynamic Range) technology, FBI PIV/Mobile ID FAP30 compliance and Android device support.

The new BioMini Slim 3 comes with the world’s slimmest optical sensor. With the FAP30 compliant wider platen, the scanner now captures a wider area of fingerprints which leads to better accuracy. The sensor’s slim form factor also allows extra flexibility in design when loaded in the mobile devices. Featuring Suprema’s latest deep-learning based LFD (live fingerprint detection) technology, the new BioMini Slim 3 effectively prevents spoofing with fake fingerprints with various materials including rubber, silicon, film, and paper.  BioMini Slim 3 also features Multi-Dynamic-Range technology that enables users to capture high-quality fingerprints under harsh environments and under direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX.

The new BioMini Slim 3 has been designed to provide the best reliable fingerprint authentication performance over dynamic environments such as outdoor and mobile situations.

Suprema ID will present full demonstrations of its BioMini series FBI-certified fingerprint authentication scanner as well as Suprema ID’s new Android-compatible RealScan-G10 and RealScan-D scanners.


True plug-n-play by HID protocol

  • BioMini Slim3 supports true plug-n-play by featuring HID (human interface device) protocol. HID protocol enables users to scan fingers immediately after physical connection of USB plug without any set-up or installation steps.

Standalone Operation

  • Featuring range-leading powerful 1.0GHz CPU, BioMini Slim3 allows standalone
    operation with on-device high speed fingerprint extraction and matching.

Enhanced Security

  • BioMini Slim3 has been designed to provide highest level of security available by featuring on-device encryption of fingerprint templates as well as supporting security protocols including WiFi WPA2 and HTTPS.

World’s slimmest BioMini Slim 3 is the world’s thinnest 15mm
FAP30 certified* optical fingerprint scanner module.

Multi Dynamic Range (MDR) Technology

BioMini Slim 3 can acquire fingerprint regardless of external light or fingerprint conditions, applying Suprema’s proprietary MDR technology, an improvement on existing HDR technology.

It can get normal fingerprints even under 100,000 LUX direct light, which is equivalent to direct sunlight.


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