Fisheye surveillance camera

Fisheye surveillance camera

What is fisheye security camera?

Fisheye are known for their ultra- wide- angle lens, are capable of providing video surveillance with dynamic viewing angles including panoramic 180 and 360 degrees. When using. a wide-angle panoramic IP camera, images are typically warped, which creates the effect of a fish eye.

How far can fisheye see?

Fisheye view can only provide a maximum of 15ft of facial recognition on recorded video for legally admissible footage. Second choice is the signal type .

Must-Have Features of Fisheye Cameras:

  • Weatherproof: Fisheye cameras are useful as outdoor cameras as they can provide wide-viewing angles, which is helpful outside of buildings, in parking lots, or in open areas like fields. To find an outdoor waterproof security camera, look for an outdoor fisheye camera that carries a waterproof IP67 or IP66 rating. Many security vendors also provide outdoor fisheye cameras that include integrated temperature gauges and heaters so cameras can operate in extreme temperatures.
  • Tamper Resistant: With many having a dome-shaped body, fisheye cameras are a great option for a tamper-proof security camera. When selecting a fisheye camera with the highest resistance to damage, look for fisheye cameras carrying anything from an IK08 to IK10 vandal-proof rating. Many tamper-resistant fisheye cameras will carry both a high IP and IK rating, helping protect against both harsh weather conditions and impact.
  • Night Vision (Built-in IR Illuminators): Whether using an indoor or outdoor fisheye camera, having one with built-in night vision is important to enhance security into the night. Using an IR illuminator, these fisheye surveillance cameras emit infrared light so they are able to adjust their recording to accommodate low-light and dark conditions.
  • HD Resolution: Since fisheye cameras provide ultra-wide, panoramic images, selecting the right HD fisheye camera is important to ensuring clarity with your recordings. When considering options, look for 5-6MP fisheye cameras, as these provide a greater number of pixels in each image. I.
  • Flexible Viewing Angles: 180° fisheye cameras and 270° fisheye cameras provide wide, panoramic views to cover large areas. Typically used for coverage across vast horizontal areas, fisheye cameras are mounted on a wall or, in some cases, a ceiling to provide a wide over-head view of an area.

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