What is a Yeastar S20

Yeastar S20 – S-Series VoIP PBX for Small Business

What is a Yeastar S20

Yeastar S20 is a stand-alone PBX system with range of features for business with less than 20 users. It is simple to use and powerful in production supporting 20 Users. 10 Concurrent combinations of telephony ports including FX S, PSTN, ISDN BRI, and GSM /CDMA /3G. Normally built for small business.

 Yeastar s20 saves time with maintenance and fast insallation. They are also easily controlled and configured via intuitive and graphical UI and point-and-click online configuration panel. Everything can be managed via any internet enabled device.

Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX Phone System provides flexible telephony interfaces combination while allowing for future scalability with unique modular design. Besides the built-in rich SIP capabilities, S-Series lets you decide what types of extensions and physical trunks you need in your telephone system. When your business grows, adding more users and concurrent calls is also possible with S-Series. With Yeastar S-Series, all the telephony interfaces are modular and customizable, whether it’s FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G, or E1/T1/PRI. S20 has 2 onboard module slots.

How to log into Yeastar S20?

Input the PBX’s IP address and use the username and password to login. The username and default password are “extension number (e.g. 1000)” and “pass + extension number (e.g. pss1000)”. We highly suggest that you change the default password in extension edit page after your first login.

How do I reset my Yeastar S20 password?

  1. Contact your administrator to get the IP address of your PBX.
  2. Open your web browser, enter the IP address of your PBX.
  3. On the PBX login page, click Forgot Password.
  4. Enter your extension number and email address to reset your password.

Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX Phone System Highlights:

20 Users

10 Concurrent Calls

Up to 4 FXS/FXO/BRI Ports

Up to 1 GSM/3G/4G Channel

20 VoIP Trunks

Includes 5,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage

Built-in call recording capability

Add on powerful apps including auto provisioning, LDAP, and more

Free lifetime software/firmware upgrades

Connect multiple sites and remote users instantly

No hidden charges or extra licensing fees

Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX Phone System

  • Open Source Asterisk IP PBX
  • Interactive Voice Response IVR
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice mail to e-mail
  • Distributed Office Set up
  • Centralized Administration
  • Voice Logger
  • Web based receptionist console
  • Parallel Ringing
  • Audio Conference Bridging
  • Built in Call Recording
  • Call Detail Report
  • GSM Integration

Yeastar S20 – S-Series VoIP PBX for Small Business

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