What Are the Best Desktop Computers?

What Are the Best Desktop Computers?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best desktop computer for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Operating System: The desktop computers in this guide either run Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s OS, or MacOS, which runs exclusively on Apple hardware.

All-In-One Vs. TowerDesktop computers come in two styles: All-in-ones, which means the computer’s components are built into a screen, or towers, which need to be connected to a monitor separately. Our guide features a mix of both.

Processor: All of the best desktop computers have a modern Intel or AMD processor, and are capable of running almost any task you throw at them without slowdown.

RAM: The desktop computers in our guide have at least 8GB (gigabytes) of RAM (memory). Having more RAM can help apps run more smoothly, and allow you to use more of them simultaneously without slowdown.

Storage: We’re recommending a desktop computer with between 256GB and 2 TB (terabytes) of storage. You won’t run into trouble with a smaller SSD (solid-state drive) if you stream most of your media, but you’ll need a larger one if you like to keep large video files or projects on your machine.

Upgradability: One of the biggest benefits of using a desktop over a laptop is the ability to upgrade it over time. This feature is only available on tower-style desktops.

Inputs: A computer’s inputs (known more commonly as ports), are what allow you to connect accessories to your machine. Each of our picks has a different assortment of ports, which you should strongly consider depending on how you intend to use your machine. All of them support WiFi and Bluetooth, though, so you have a range of wireless connectivity options, too.

  1. What Are the Best Desktop CHP 290 G4 Microtower 10th Gen Intel Core i5 4GB RAM 1TB 21.5″ Monitor Intel UHD Graphics 1 Year Warranty
  2. HP 24fw 23.8″ Monitor, White Color
  3. HP 27F 27 Monitor Black Color
  4. HP 200 G4 All-in-One Core i5 10th Gen 4GB 1TB 21.5″ Display

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