Secugen Biometrics Kenya

Secugen Biometrics Kenya

Secugen Biometrics Kenya

Secugen Biometrics is a method of recognizing a person based on physical or behavioral characteristics. Examples of biometric information used to identify people include fingerprint, voice, face, iris, handwriting, and hand geometry. There are two key functions offered by a biometric system. The other is verification, a “one-to-one” (1:1) matching process in which the biometric system checks previously enrolled data for a specific user to verify whether the user is who he or she claims to be. The verification method provides the best combination of speed and security, especially where multiple users are concerned, and requires a user ID or other identifier for direct matching. With an increasing reliance on online and mobile technology and other shared resources, more and more transactions of all types are initiated and completed online and remotely.

This unprecedented growth in electronic transactions has underlined the need for a faster, more secure and more convenient method of user verification than passwords can provide. Using biometric identifiers offers several advantages over traditional and current methods. This is because only biometric authentication is based on the identification of an intrinsic part of a human being. Tokens such as smart cards, magnetic stripe cards and physical keys, can be lost, stolen, duplicated or left behind. Passwords can be forgotten, shared, hacked or unintentionally observed by a third party. By eliminating these potential trouble spots, only biometric technology can provide the security, with convenience, needed for today’s complex electronic landscape.

Advantages of Using Fingerprints

The advantages of using fingerprints include widespread public acceptance, convenience and reliability. It takes little time and effort to scan one’s fingerprint with a fingerprint reader, and so fingerprint recognition is considered among the least intrusive of all biometric verification techniques. Ancient officials used thumbprints to seal documents thousands of years ago, and law enforcement agencies have been using fingerprint identification since the late 1800s. Fingerprints have been used so extensively and for so long, there is a great accumulation of scientific data supporting the idea that no two fingerprints are alike. SecuGen provides biometric solutions for physical and network security employing advanced fingerprint recognition technology. SecuGen’s patented and patent-pending products are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, affordability and versatility. The company’s comprehensive product line includes high quality optical fingerprint readers and sensor components, software, and development kits used for a variety of innovative applications including mobile, Internet, enterprise network and desktop security, physical access control, time and attendance management, and financial and medical records control.

Based in Silicon Valley, SecuGen has been serving the biometric community since 1998 and is an active member of the Biometrics Consortium, the International Biometrics & Identification Association, and the BioAPI Consortium. SecuGen Peripheral User Guide v About SecuGen Products SecuGen Sensor Qualities

  • Excellent Image Quality: Clear, distortion-free fingerprint images are generated using advanced, patented and patent-pending optical methods. Quality imaging yields better sampling for minutiae data extraction.
  •  Durability: Mechanical strength tests show resistance to impact, shock and scratches.
  • Powerful Software: Precise, fast processing algorithm ensures efficiency and reliability.
  • Ruggedness and Versatility: Solid engineering and superior materials allow for use under extreme conditions.
  •  Ergonomic Design: Compact, modular design for seamless integration into small devices, ease of use, and compatibility make SecuGen sensors ideal for a broad range of applications.
  •  Low Cost: Products are developed to deliver high performance, zero maintenance at very affordable prices for general and industrial use. Advantages of SecuGen Sensors Over Other Optical Sensors
  •  Unique optical method captures fine details, even from dry skin
  • Extremely low image-distortion
  • Reinforced materials
  •  Wear resistance
  •  Attractively small size
  •  Ease of integration
  • Ready-to-use
  •  Low cost through longer life and no maintenance requirements Advantages of SecuGen Sensors Over Semiconductor (Capacitive) Sensors
  • Non-metal, non-silicon components make SecuGen sensors less susceptible to corrosion when exposed to salts, oil and moisture from skin and environment
  • Superior surface properties eliminate need for costly coating and processing procedures
  • Greater mechanical strength, wear-resistance, and durability
  • Broader range of applicability, especially for use in extreme conditions and climates • Immunity from electrostatic discharge  
  • Low cost through longer life and no maintenance requirements Strengths of SecuGen Software and Algorithms
  • Unique image processing algorithm extracts fingerprint minutiae very accurately • High signal-to-noise ratio processing algorithm screens out false features
  • Highly efficient matching algorithm
  • Fast overall process of extraction, matching and verification
  • Encryption function to protect user privacy
  • Compatibility with existing desktop, laptop PCs interface computers
  •  Ease in developing applications for various purposes

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