Customers worldwide recognize the advantages of implementing SecuGen’s proven hardware and software products for numerous applications such as information security, physical access control, labor tracking, immigration, financial transactions, and medical records control.

SecuGen partners with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors, Systems Integrators and Value Added Resellers to develop and provide innovative fingerprint biometrics-enabled solutions to meet the various needs of their customers

How does Secugen fingerprint works

Basic functions for a fingerprint biometric system include fingerprint imaging, extraction and matching. SecuGen provides both hardware and software components for these functions as well as additional features and tools.

Fingerprint Imaging: A user must first enroll his or her fingerprint and will be prompted to scan one or more fingers with the SecuGen fingerprint reader. The reader captures fingerprint images and sends them to a computer for processing.

Fingerprint Extraction: SecuGen’s fingerprint template extraction algorithm (or “template generator”) analyzes and extracts minutiae points from the images and converts the minutiae data into a unique mathematical template, comparable to a 60 digit password. This unique template is then encrypted for security and stored with other identifying information about the user. No actual image of the fingerprint is stored but is discarded after extraction.

Fingerprint Matching for Verification: The enrolled user states his or her identity (for example, by entering a user ID) and places the enrolled finger on the reader. A fingerprint image is captured, and minutiae data is extracted from the fingerprint and converted into a template. SecuGen’s one-to-one (1:1) matching algorithm compares this template to the user’s enrolled template. If the templates match, the user’s identity is authenticated.

Fingerprint Matching for Identification: The enrolled user places the enrolled finger on the reader without stating his or her identity (for example, by not entering any user ID). A fingerprint is captured, and minutiae data is extracted from the fingerprint and converted into a template. SecuGen’s one-to-many (1:N) matching algorithm compares this template with all the templates enrolled in the database. If the template matches an enrolled template, the user is identified.

Benefits of Using Secugen Fingerprint in Kenya

By measuring unique characteristics that are very difficult to lose, forget or duplicate, fingerprint biometrics can help reduce the problems associated with forgotten passwords, insecure password usage, and stolen, lost or forgotten keys, cards, tokens and other physical credentials. By utilizing fingerprints that stay with you wherever you go and that are generally readily available, fingerprint biometrics can help make it more convenient for you to access protected facilities or resources, while maintaining a secure and reliable method of authentication.

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