Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Automatic Voltage stabilizer have become a necessity for every home. Diverse stabilizers are now available with different works and functionality. The latest advancement in technology like power electronic devices and Microprocessor chip have changed the way we see stabilizers

The basic purpose of a stabilizer is to protect the electrical gadgets (TV, refrigerator, air conditioners and other electronics.

These Voltage Stabilizers may be single phase (Output of 220-230 volt) or three phase (Output of 380/400 volt) as required by the type of application. The regulation of desired stabilized output is done by buck and boost method as performed by its internal circuitry.

They are also available for wide variety of applications such as dedicated voltage stabilizer for small units like TV, Refrigerator, Microwave ovens to a single huge unit for an entire house hold appliances.

Why do we need Voltage Stabilizers?

All electrical/ electronic devices are designed and manufactured to operate at maximum efficiency with a typical voltage supply which is known as the nominal operating voltage. Depending on the designed safe operating limit, the working range (with optimum efficiency) of an electrical/ electronic device may be limited to ± 5%, ±10% or more.

Owing to many issues, the input voltage supply which we get always tends to fluctuate resulting to a constantly varying input voltage supply. This varying voltage is a major contributing factor for reduction of a device’s efficiency as well increase in its failure rate.

  1. It may cause permanent damage to the connected device.
  2. Effects of Continuous/ Recurring Over Voltage to Home Appliance
  3. It may cause damage to the winding insulation.
  4. It may lead to unnecessary disruption in the load
  5. It may lead to over-heating of the cable or device.
  6. It may degrade useful life of the device

The Voltage Stabilizers can be broadly categorized into three types. They are:

  • Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers
  • Servo based Voltage Stabilizers
  • Static Voltage Stabilizers

Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers

In Relay type Voltage Stabilizers, the voltage is regulated by switching relays. The relays are used to connect the secondary transformer(s) in different configurations to achieve Buck & Boost function.

This stabilizer is mostly used for low power rating appliances/ equipment in Residential/Commercial/Industrial use.

  • They cost less.
  • They are compact in size.

Limitations of Relay type Voltage Stabilizers

  1. Their response to voltage fluctuation is a bit slow if compared to other type of Voltage Stabilizers
  2. They are less durable
  3. They are less reliable
  4. They are not able to withstand high voltage surges as their fluctuation tolerance limit is less.
  5. While stabilization of voltage, transition of power supply path may provide minor interruption in power supply.

Servo based Voltage Stabilizers

In Servo based Voltage Stabilizers, the voltage regulation is done with the help of servo motor. They are also known as Servo Stabilizers. They are close loop systems.

Single Phase Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers

In Single Phase Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers, Voltage stabilization is achieved with the help of a servo motor connected to a variable transformer.

Uses/ Advantages of Servo Based Voltage Stabilizer

  • They have fast response to voltage fluctuations.
  • They have high Voltage Stabilization accuracy.
  • They are very reliable
  • They can withstand high voltage surges.

Limitations of Servo Based Voltage Stabilizer

  • They need periodic maintenance.
  • To nullify error, servo motor needs to be aligned. Alignment of Servo motor needs skilled hands.

For home needs, 200VA, 300 VA, 500 VA, 1 KVA, 2 KVA, 3 KVA, 4 KVA, 5 KVA, 8 KVA and 10 KVA rated voltage stabilizers are suitable. For industrial and commercial purposes, high power rated servo stabilizers are needed.

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