APC UPS in Kenya

APC UPS in Kenya

APC UPS in Kenya

APC UPS in Kenya is the leading Uninterrupted Power Supply brand. At A2Z Africa APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) dealer in Kenya. We stock online, offline, and smart APC UPS. We also stock APC replacement batteries such as Drom Power 12V.7ah, LEAD ACID BATTERY 12V 7AH. the backup battery offers a guaranteed surge and power protection for gaming consoles, computers, servers, network equipment and other electronics at home or workplace. We offer the Best UPS and Back-Up Battery Prices

Ensure smart home, entertainment, Wi-Fi and computer devices against damage from unexpected power grid disruptions, lighting and surges. Our APC backup batteries and surge protectors help to deliver industrial strength protection for devices.

Why APC from A2Z Africa Kenya

There are many UPS’s in Kenya. Any vendor can simply sell you products. With us, you get comprehensive resources and tools, an unparalleled reputation and a robust partner network for excellence.

Infrastructure solutions for home and office

During power interruption or fluctuation, APC UPS will instantly provide a clean power or plugged in sensitive equipment.

UPS for gaming

UPS are used for gaming to backup gaming power with surge protector. UPS will send power to your PC, PlayStation and Xbox instantly when you loses power and ultimately defends against unsafe levels of electricity that could damage your systems irreversibly.


Gaming battery protects valuable gaming systems from diverse power disturbances.

How does an APC UPS work?

When incoming utility power drops below or surges above safe battery levels, APC UPS switches to DC power and inverts to AC power to run connected equipment. The modesl are designed for consumer electronics, POS systems, entry level computers and other electronics.

APC UPS battery Lifespan

The lifespan of an APC UPS battery is 3-5 years. This lifespan of the valve-regulated acid is under recommended conditions.

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