Thermal Paper Roll Kenya

Thermal Paper Roll Kenya

Thermal paper (sometimes referred to as an audit roll) is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers, particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals.

Thermal Paper Roll

Our thermal papers rolls in Kenya   are available in different qualities for customers in a highly competitive market. These qualities, depending upon the base paper on which our thermal paper is coated, can be either a POS quality for cutting simple cash register rolls(coated on mixed pulp base paper) , or a FAX quality which is coated on fully virgin pulp base paper for making fax rolls or more demanding cash register rolls.

The Advantage of Our Thermal Paper:

  • Made of 100% wood pulp, topping quality.
  • Including two kinds of thermal paper, thermal fax paper for facsimile and thermal receipt.
  • Paper for cash register and ATM.
  • Image stability time of thermal fax paper is 5 years while thermal receipt paper is 2yrs.
  • We can deliver to our customers finished rolls ,the regular grades include:


  • Supermarkets, chain stores, restaurants, shopping mall etc where Point Of Sale (POS) printers are used.
  • 80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll Size Key Feature:
  • Made from standard 48gsm, 55gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm, and 70gsm thermal paper. Different gsm paper has a different paper thickness, check this article: Thermal Paper 101: GSM and Thickness
  • The white, glossy, smooth, dust-free paper can deliver a clear and dark print-out image.
  • Made from BPA-free thermal paper with premium coating.
  • 5 years of image life in normal storage conditions.
  • It can be custom printed with design artwork (Logo, watermarks, terms & conditions, etc.) on the front or back of the paper roll.
  • Packed 50 rolls in a carton. We can print your company name & logo on the cartons to help with your brand marketing – and it is a free service.
  • It can be shipped in 20 or 40-foot containers; different paper rolls sizes can be mixed in one container.
  • Quantity: 53,000 rolls/20’ft container, 85,000 rolls/40’ft container
Take a Look at All the Benefits Found with Our Thermal Paper Rolls - Thermal  Paper Rolls Online

5 Things You Must Know When Ordering Paper Rolls:

  • Don’t only pay attention to the price per roll, but also the price per meter.
  • Longer paper means more receipts per roll, so you don’t need to change the roll as frequently.
  • Pay attention to the core size as well since it can be a determining factor of the paper roll price.
  • Good quality thermal paper always deserves the high price.
  • You cannot expect to buy good quality thermal rolls at a low price.
  1. 80mm x 80mm x 12 Thermal Paper Roll
  2. 57mm x 40mm Thermal Paper Rolls
  3. EPOS Thermal TEP 220 Receipt Printer
  4. Bixolon SLP-DX420 thermal Desktop Label Printer
  5. Aclas ES1X ESD Machine
  6. Aclas Electronic Tax Register (ETR) CRBX
  7. Bixolon SPP-R310 3 Inch Mobile Printer

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